🧩 Our Story

Welcome to 'Unscreen Yourself!' – the ultimate puzzle playground where our love for puzzles and our mission to disconnect from digital screens converge, creating a truly magical digital detox experience.

Our adventure began with a simple idea:Β to provide a mindful escape from the screen-dominated lives we lead and to rekindle our love for traditional, hands-on brain teasers.

'Unscreen Yourself!' isn't just our catchy nameβ€”it's our philosophy.Β We believe puzzles should do more than just tease your brain – they should be portals to discovery, excitement, and a whole lot of 'Eureka!' moments.Β 

Our puzzle books are more than just a collection of challenges;Β they are passports to fascinating adventures, packed with interesting trivia facts. With every puzzle and every page, you embark on a new journey filled with the thrill of discovery and the joy of problem-solving, all while indulging in a digital detox.

Bid farewell to screen fatigue and embrace a world of challenges, exploration, and relaxation with 'Unscreen Yourself!

⚠️ WARNING! - Our puzzles will expose you to trivia that will morph you into a fact-firing dynamo, liable to razzle-dazzle social gatherings with spontaneous wisdom. Wield your newfound superpowers wisely!